Equipment used to create Panasonic FZ30 macro galleries...


Panasonic FZ30 features a Leica designed 12x zoom lens, 35mm equivalent of 35 to 420mm. The small sensor works as an advantage to give much needed depth of field at high magnifications




Raynox DCR-250 Achromatic close up lens has a diopter of +8, a very powerful close up lens. This lens easily clips on to the front of the camera and is razor sharp.

Focus tip: Set camera on manual focus. This lens will always focus around 4 inches. The zoom power will control the amount of magnification.  Rock the camera back and forth slightly on the monopod. I find it easier to use the viewfinder rather than the LCD screen for focusing.



Sunpak 383 flash features 5 output levels and the head tilts and rotates.

Exposure tip: Set camera on manual exposure mode. Stop down to f11, shutter speed 1/200. Adjust output of flash for proper exposure.



Here's the setup: Combining the Panasonic FZ30, the Raynox DCR-250 lens, and the Sunpak 383. Tilt the flash upward and add a bounce card made of white cardboard. Since depth of field can be a challenge, a monopod is highly recommended.   The Sima SMP-1 monopod was used for most of the images.

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