Biography of Bob Frank...


Bob Frank is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. 

He has worked in the commercial photo lab and digital printing industry for over 25 years.

Currently he is employed with BWC Creative where Bob works with large printers and manages color for this imaging company. 


Bob is considered one of the top nature photographers in the area.
He is involved with following camera clubs: Plano Photography Club, Dallas Camera Club, and the Heard Nature Photography Club. Within these clubs he has received many awards ranging from High Points of the year, Photo of the Year, and Slide of the year.

Bob has been a popular guest speaker and has conducted workshops for area camera clubs and nature organizations.

Currently Specializing in macro photography, Bob has received email from founder of Raynox Optical stating that his work is "among the finest macro photography he has ever seen”.


Bob is a field contributor for "Nature Photographer Magazine" where he has written a feature article on his macro photography technique.